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Valentine’s Day Flowers Delivery

Valentine’s Day flowers are here to show your appreciation of that someone special in your life. Red Roses are synonymous with love and with Valentine’s Day. But, there are reasons why you might choose another flower to show your care and thoughtfulness when selecting your Valentine’s Day floral arrangement. What does he or she like when it comes to flowers? If the recipient isn’t particularly fond of roses, perhaps another flower would be a better choice.

Roses for Valentine’s Day

Do you know what you need to look out for when choosing your Valentine’s Day roses? You don’t want your special person to be disappointed after a couple of days if the flowers don’t last. The two common signs to look out for are:

  • Is the flower wide open? If yes, chances are it has been flowering for a while so try and avoid flowers that appear to be wide open. Select flowers that are closed so that you have the joy of seeing them open and flower over a couple of weeks.
  • Gently squeeze the flower at its base – does it feel firm? If yes, the flower is good at holding water. If it is soft beware, chances are the flower will be losing its petals quite soon.

At Marshall’s Florist we make sure that your Valentine’s Day Flowers keep for at least a week and with good care your roses can last for several weeks.

Valentine’s Day Flower Delivery

We are here to help you arrange your flower delivery. Whether it is an office or home delivery we guarantee that there is nothing quite like receiving an unexpected gift of flowers on this special day.

It is always advisable to book about a week in advance for busy periods such as Valentine’s Day. However, we will always try and fit in a last minute order where possible.